DNV GL - Oil & Gas

As the technical advisor to the oil and gas industry, we bring a broader view to complex business and technology risks in global and local markets.

From project initiation to decommissioning, we enhance safety, increase reliability and manage risks in projects and operations.聽聽

Our oil and gas experts offer local access to global best practice in every hydrocarbon-producing country. Driven by a curiosity for technical progress, we provide a neutral ground for collaboration; creating competence, sharing knowledge and setting industry standards.聽

Our independent advice enables companies to make the right choices. Together with our customers, we drive the industry forward towards a safe and sustainable future.

The H酶vik office in Norway is the headquarters of DNV GL - Oil & Gas. Contact details for our HQ and your nearest DNV GL - Oil & Gas office can be found here.

Serving the oil and gas industry in 36 countries

We operate laboratories in 8 locations spread across three continents

5% of annual revenue reinvested into R&D every year

65% of offshore pipelines are designed and installed to DNV GL standards

> 30 joint industry projects each year

170 industry standards and recommended practices

50 years providing oil and gas software

Society鈥檚 transition to a less carbon-intensive energy mix is already a reality. Oil and gas will continue to be crucial components with significant investment needed in the industry over the coming decades. We are supporting our customers in charting a safe, sustainable and digital path ahead as they build, operate and maintain their assets.鈥
Liv A. Hovem,
  • CEO
  • DNV GL - Oil & Gas

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