After our victory in 2008, I took a break from active politics. I helped transition the new team that now works for Congressman Lloyd Doggett and moved on to finish my last semester at the Universitiy of Texas. During my last semester, I unwound a bit, had strong finish on my course work and enjoyed my remaining time in Austin. In May 2009 after a grueling three years, I graduated with degrees in mathematics, economics, and a certificate in computer science.

2009 was a good year for my family as my brother, Philip Karjeker, also graduated from Clear Lake High School and would start his time in Austin. As for me, I would be joining our new President and Congress in Washington, D.C., as a student at Georgetown University. You wouldn't believe the number of people telling me not to become a "Washington insider"!

I moved into Washington in August and was immediately put to the test. As preparation for my program, I was required to take a two-week math prepatory camp. But as intense as that camp, and the subsequent coursework was, I've always tried to keep up with our local politics. Watching Senator Hutchinson waffle on whether or not she would resign was always a good break from long homeworks.

<---- My life is really like that!

I'm currently studing to get my Masters in Economics and Masters in Public Policy. I hope to be finished in 2011 and continue being active in the decision making process in our state.