Welcome! My name is Alexander J. Karjeker and I am running to be an Obama Delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Senate District 11. I feel it is important to attend for two reasons. The first is to support Barack Obama and ensure that he is the nominee of the Democratic Party and the second is that I feel attending the Convention is the next step in building and supporting American democracy and the Democratic Party.
Since I began college at the University of Texas at Austin two years ago, I have been working for Congressman Lloyd Doggett. I began as an intern for his 2006 campaign. Afterwards, I worked in his District Office, and that summer as a paid intern in his Washington D.C. Office. I am now his Campaign Finance Administrator and throughout this process I have learned much about campaigns, the political process, and government.
Congressman Doggett and I in Washington, D.C.
At the National Convention, I hope to meet with young Democrats from all over the country as well as seasoned Democrats to network and share our experiences. I also hope to advocate on behalf of Texas Democrats that the Democratic National Committee should invest more money in our state. Texas is the last big state that votes Republican. When Democrats win, it will mean the end of Republican victories for a long time.

I would be honored to have your support.