Dear Friends and Supporters,

On Friday, June 6th, I was elected as a National Delegate from Texas Senate District 11. I could not have done it without the strength, advice, and support from all of you. The initial race had 8 wonderful candidates. Because all positions must be voted on by a majority, our District had a run off between myself, and Johnny Shelton from Galveston.

As promised, I plan on going to the Convention and voting Barack Obama as the nominee of the Democratic Party. I also hope to work with the other National Delegates from Senate District 11 to convince the Democratic Party of the value of continued support of NASA. NASA has been vital in many of the research and development of technologies we use today, and any major cuts to their funding would hinder technological progress at a time when we cannot afford it. Finally, as many Texas delegations before us, I hope to work with the full delegation, the DNC, and Barack Obama's campaign to get more money and resources for the State of Texas. For Texas Democrats, this is our year to truly convince the country of our Democratic heritage. In 2006, Howard Dean decided to send 4 paid staffers to work with the Texas Democratic Party. Now, David Axelrod has promised 15 paid staffers in Texas. I hope our Texas Delegation can capitalize on these achievements and receive more resources and support.

But our work does not end at the Convention. We still have 4 months to campaign, push our message, register our friends and families, and get them all out to vote. As many at the Caucus mentioned, I hope the National Delegates will be able to work together, block walking and phone banking, for Rick Noriega, Nick Lampson, Joe Jaworski, Kevin Murphy for State House in Brazoria, and Sherrie Matula for State House in Harris.

I leave you with this video from the Texas Democratic Convention. It is a wonderful video that shows our achievements since 2006. I also hope that you will sign my guestbook and leave me your name, email, and county so I can be sure to keep in touch with you.

Thank you again for this honor!


P.S. For those of you who have not seen my original front page, here is a link.