Barack Obama At The February 2007 Rally in Austin

As Texans, we have a long history of progressive politicians. But as Texans, our Democrats are just plain different from the rest of the Nation's. We do things our own way and don't take 'nothin from no one. From the "master of the Senate" Lyndon B. Johnson to the most effective Speakers of the House, Samuel T. Rayburn, you don't mess with Texas Democrats. Our politics are not those of "ivory tower" liberals, but one that speaks to the common man. We are a traditional people and at the same time, we progress and better our world for our kids, even if it means taking a bullet for them now.

I feel Barack Obama represents our way of life. He has taken the Democratic Party back to its roots. He believes in God, but also the separation of Church and State. He will stand up to dictators and protect our allies, but will deal practically and be open minded. He is intelligent and strong;characteristics that are needed for a President. He speaks his mind without catering to a crowd. His positions are nuanced and well thought, and he asks the hard questions. If elected, there is no doubt he would be an excellent President.

The question throughout this Primary season has been whether Barack Obama can be elected. I feel his support across age, gender, income, and many other lines show that he is the best candidate to beat John McCain in the General Election. He has a working coalition. But more importantly to Texans, he may be the first Democratic President that we elect since Jimmy Carter. Recently, Texas polls have shown that Rick Noriega, running for U.S. Senate, is only 4% behind John Cornyn. This is indicative of the widespread dissatisfaction with Bush, Cornyn and Perry statewide. With Republican morale low and Democratic enthusiasm running high, we must support a candidate who will take our state seriously in the General Election. It is time for us to honor our heritage and elect Democrats statewide in Texas in 2008.

Sam Rayburn